Priya Sisters Live

An evening well spent!

Pune Sangeetha Sabha organised Carnatic music performance by Priya Sisters Vid. Haripriya and Vid Shanmukhapriya , accompanied by a wonderful team of percussionists & violinist… It was 3 hours of bliss.. a full fledged traditional concert starting with Kambhoji varnam Taruni Ninnu, followed by a brisk Samaja vara gamana and Ananda natamaduvar tillai.. of Neelakanta Sivan setting the momentum for the day.

The next was a Dikshitar nava varna krithi Kamlambika yastava bhaktoham in punnagavarali. Following this was the raagam of the day Keervani , which was dealt elaborately by both sisters. An impressive rendition of Thyagaraja krithi Kaligiyuntegada , with a superb neraval at Raghu ramuni padamula bhakta Jesina. Kalpana swarams by both sisters. As well as Vid HN Bhaskar , violinist were excellent. An electrifying thani by mridangist Sai Giridhar and Ghatam Trichi Murali followed keervani. And the best was yet to come !!

The icing on the cake today was the RTP in charukesi raagam… the way Haripriya started the raagam gently, and gradually took it to a high… the rendition of thaanam by both sisters , there was magic in their music.. could feel the divine presence at the auditorium.. and the Pallavi on Devi… Suhasini Aghanasini Charukesini was soul stirring 🙏🙏🙏 Sheer bliss listening to RTP today .. the blend of ragas towards the end of the RTP, and finishing with Charukesi.. we could have kept on listening!!

The concert came to an end with a divine karpagavalli nin, on karpagaambal and Vaadivo kanti ratare , Annamacharya composition. During this monsoon season , today the showers were musical showers and we all got drenched.

The Modern college of engineering auditorium was almost full with an audience that appreciated with standing ovation.