Vashkai Oru Thavam – Tamil Discourse by Shri.Suki Sivam

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The Tamil community, spread across the continents, extols Kalai Maa Mani Mr. Suki Sivam as ‘Sol Vendher’ – ‘the King of Words’!

Suki Sivam - Poona Sangeetha Sabha

“An orator par excellence, an inspirational writer, a spiritual scientist, a visionary and a social marketer”, are perhaps a few descriptions which may enable us to have an overview of his exquisite personality.

His privileged lineage of being the son of the eminent writer couple, Kalai Maa Mani Mr.T.N. Suki Subramaniam and Smt. Gomathi Subramaniam, and the profound influence of his illustrious mentors – Mr.Thirumuruga Kripananda variyaar, Thavathiru Kundrakudi Adigalaar, Editor Mr.K.V.Jgannathan, Professor Mr. R.Radha Krishnan and orator Mr. Chidambaram Swaminathan – during his formative years have sculpted his personality and empowered him to emerge as the undisputed ‘Friend, Philosopher and Guide’ of the masses.

“Mr.Suki Sivam is a double graduate in Economics and Law from the University of Madras and he has to his credit a lengthy list of awards and citations. Apart from the prestigeous State Government award of ‘Kalai Maa Mani’, he has been bestowed with various titles such as Sollin Selver, Sendhamizh Thendral, Soll Vendhar Muthamil Peraringar. etc. to name a few. These honours have been conferred upon him by various literary, social and cultural organizations from time to time. Throughout the year, he is flooded with global level invitations from several Tamil organisations which revere him as the ‘Twenty first century Tamil Cultural Icon .”

For the past three decades, Mr.Suki Sivam has been waging a war as a ‘one man army’ against all forms of social degradations, cultural distortions and religious fanaticism… He has been playing the role of a ‘Social Change Agent’ and influencing public opinion by delivering innumerable lectures all over the globe, by writing columns in magazines and papers ,by publishing books, conducting workshops / training sessions and by releasing audio and video CDs in a continuous and consistent manner. In his works, he chooses to touch upon heterogeneous areas of public interest such as literature, spirituality, communal harmony, women empowerment, leadership traits, time management, parenting, marital harmony and sustainable development…

In the pursuit of his dream mission of ‘ELEVATING HUMANITY TO THE ULTIMATE STATE OF DIVINITY’, Mr. Suki Sivam is proceeding and progressing as the personification of the ‘Sthitha Pragnya’ – the Steadfast and Selfless Crusader – as depicted in Bhagavad-Gita!