The Golden Years – Pune Mirror

In 1975, vocalist and music guru TR Subramaniam was faced with a dilemma. The train he had boarded to reach Pune for a concert had halted at Dapodi without further notice of departure. Unprepared for this turn of events and with two tamburas as part of his luggage, TRS, as the vocalist is known, turned to the station master for help. Meanwhile, the organisers of the show from Poona Sangeetha Sabha were unsure whether their star performer would make it to the venue. “He took a taxi and made it all the way from Dapodi to the hall just in time for the show,” recalls Meenakshi Subramanian, committee member of the Sabha. Subramanian, 63, who is also a vocal music teacher, has watched almost all of the concerts organised by the Poona Sangeetha Sabha, since the time she began learning music in the city. The first artiste hosted by the Sabha was nadaswaram vidwan Namagiripettai Krishnan …. read more