Review by Aparna Krishnan

Concert held at Poona Sangeetha Sabha

Kunnakudi M Balamuralikrishna – vocal
HN Bhaskar- violin
Delhi Sairam – mridangam
Trichy Krishnaswamy – ghatam

I was really waiting for this concert for a very very long time as I have never heard him live till date. Heard him a lot on youtube.

He started with the Varnam in kalyani ragam “vanajakshi” with short and sweet swarams to give a warm up for all of us. Then the song on lord ganesha “Karikalabhamukham” in saveri ragam. Have been longing to listen to this song for quite sometime and he nailed it. A beautiful alapanai and kalpanaswarams for saveri was too good.

A very rare krithi “pariyachakama” in vanaspati ragam was rendered by him. A sweet alapani for atana followed by the song “ceda buddhi”. Beauty of hamirkalyani was so smoothing to the ears in which he took up the song “Annalum Nokinan Avalum Nokinal”.

Then the main ragam thodi which is a beauty by itself. A grahabedam to kalyani was too sweet like honey. He took up “Ninne namminanu” a shyma shastri kriti. An awesome nerevel at “Kamakshi kanjadalaya takshi”. HN Bhaskar’s violin was really playing to his tunes of singing. Super thani by Delhi Sairam and Trichy Krishnaswamy.
RTP in my favourite ragam was really surprising. Hamsanadam was the ragam. Pallavi lines were
” Krishna Mukunda Madhava ennai kakum parandhama”.

Towards the ending of the concert he took the ashtapadi in ragam lalit “lalithalavangala” and “jagadhodharana” in kapi ragam.
Finished with the mangalam.

Really don’t know how did 3 hours go.
All four of them had a lovely co-ordination and interaction among themselves which is to be really appreciated. Had a lovely time last evening